Mission & values

The purpose of the high-added value data we provide is to improve the marketing strategy and optimise sales for our clients. Our challenge: make that data easily accessible while remaining secure. We owe our success to our values.


Data analysts, data engineers, full stack developers – our team is largely composed of engineers, developers and other highly qualified technical profiles. Our goal is to provide ready-to-use data and make it usable for our clients’ sector (FMCG and retail) in order for them to improve their marketing strategy and optimise their sales. Aware also relies on marketing and customer relationship specialists to carry out its projects. Together we have over 50 years* of experience in IT project management.

“Building a team that manages the entire value chain, from collecting data to exploiting it in a decision-making context, combining development, data and data science skills, and implementing a chain of integration and continuous development – we had to meet all the challenges that a modern tech start-up faces,” says Etienne Sanquer-Foing, Chief Executive Officer.


Unity brings strength. There’s a reason why we’ve chosen the slogan “Altogether We Are Retailers”. At Aware, unity is also reflected in the multidisciplinary teamwork that lies at the heart of the success of our ambitious projects. For example, our developers are adept at pair programming in order to deliver quality products quickly. Extreme programming, which is practised in small teams, is what makes Aware so strong. This agile IT project management method takes simple programming principles to the extreme.  

“At Aware, we use pair programming. This means that all our code is constantly being tested and reviewed by our peers. The goal is to continuously improve the quality of the code so that it is as durable as possible. To do this, we spend at least 50% of our time checking a peer’s code. We learn and code together by trial and error in order to move forward quickly.” Fabien, developer.

“We are not a technology service provider, but a data service provider. Everything we do has to deliver value to our customers as quickly as possible, so we wanted to offer a reliable, easily deployable service.” Yann Carpentier-Gregson, Head of Architecture & Operations.

Intrapreneurial adventuring

Intrapreneurial adventuring is deeply rooted in Aware’s DNA. This is reflected in our work processes. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions, and we rely on the talents of each of our employees to do so. We use the horizontal management system you would expect of a start-up to encourage autonomy and initiative. Our developers are constantly experimenting in order to offer smart solutions directly linked to the real needs of the market. 

“As developers, we enjoy a great deal of creative freedom and can easily take the initiative at Aware. Decisions are made quickly between the development and business teams. This is typical of a start-up that communicates in a direct and transparent way, and this is highly appreciated.” Dragan, developer.